Friday, 12 April 2013

Reasons and repairs for transmission slipping problems

Transmission Slipping

Transmission slip is one of the common problems of transmission system. If it is not repaired soon then it causes a lot of problems to your car.

Symptoms of a Transmission slip

Sometimes you may feel difficult to determine the transmission slipping. Though, there are signs you can glance for that will point out if you have troubles in your transmission.

When the Revolution per gauge is above 3,500 then this shows that your transmission is in problem and is considered to be one of the common sign of a Transmission slip.

When the vehicle takes too much time to coast, then that indicates something gone wrong in your transmission.

Interruption in acceleration is another sign. This indicates that the transmission is not correctly transmitting the power to an engine.


  • Poor cleaning to faulty parts
  • Low Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Broken transmission band
  • Engine troubles
  • Worn out Transmission Gears
  • When the clutch become too thin

  • Change the Transmission Fluid Regularly
  • Repair or replace the worn out transmission gears
  • Replace the transmission band

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What’s the right time to Change your Transmission Fluid?

Regular check and change of transmission oil may extend your life of car’s transmission and it lubricates the moving parts in your transmission.

Transmission Fluid also serves as a coolant and spreads the power from the engine in an automatic transmission.


If your car shifts gears with a delay or a tilt, or is soggy or takes extra time to shift on chilly sunrises, it’s time to verify the transmission fluid.

Check the fluid using dipstick, if there is sign of burning smell and the Transmission Fluid Change to dark then it needs to change immediately.

If the fluid is leaking out from the transmission cooler line then it should be fixed as soon as possible and refill the fluid.

How often you should change Transmission Fluid?

Changing Transmission Fluid it depends upon the car model that you have. Some car’s transmission needs the fluid to be changed on a cyclic basis.

If the fluid haven’t changed for a long time then it become contaminated.

Different Transmission requires different intervals in changing the Transmission fluid. For every 30,000 to 60,000 miles the manual transmission fluid must have to be change.

Automatic Transmission fluid should need to change for every 60,000 to 120,000 miles.

Friday, 4 January 2013

How to drive a car outfitted with manual transmission?

Four speedy tips for driving the vehicles that is sets with the manual transmission. The ideas that go after are not intended to be a direct for racing or even exploiting your engine’s productivity. As an alternative, our objective is to assist you keep away from a few general errors many beginners make that speed up require for costly maintenance.

Car lurching:
Car lurching should be prevented. This happen in the case of when you shift down using gears and the reason is engine speed is much less that the Wheels speed. To avoid this error, when you downshift use a method called rev-matching (i.e.) by matching your engine speed with the wheels speed.

Avoiding Clutch Riding:
Clutch riding means you’re putting it disconnected, or you are not engaging it fully to the flywheel. This error may happen knowingly or unknowingly.

Avoid Rollbacks with Brakes
You rely on clutch if you climbing a hill to avoid rolling back. If you’re climbing and you’re worried about rollbacks utilize your brake, not your clutch.

Avoid using clutch to slow down
Don’t preserve your brakes using clutch. Using your brakes should be less to prevent it. Driving a car set with a manual transmission is apt an all but gone skill. Further people than still are choosing for cars with automatic transmissions.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bus Time Schedule – How to Read

A bus map shows the routes its services and can inform people about its stops. It cannot show the rider when it will arrives at bus stops, at what time the bus starts etc. Only bus time schedules explain the bus timings and stopping places. You can read a bus schedule with little information which is given below

View the top of the bus time schedule to know about the intermediate bus stops on that exact route. Then look out the columns under each bus stop that clears you the timings in which the bus arrives at every stops. The earliest time and the latest time will be shown on the time schedule.

Read it horizontally to get the time taken by the bus to reach from one stop to another with how long it gets to complete the direction.

To view the afternoon schedule look at the left-hand side of the bus time schedules. During business hours buses are apt to come more frequently to stops.

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

What are the benefits in taking bus ride?

Traveling in air helps you to reach your destination fast but it is greater disadvantage in its cost. The same difficulty remains also in car as well as train.

However, taking a bus for your ride has lots of benefits which are listed below.
  • Low priced when compare to all other modes of transport.
  • It also presents you opportunity to visit the most adventures beauty of natures that are getting to see during journey.
  • As the technology increases, not only airline provides online ticket booking but bus also provides you online ticket booking.
  • Another advantage is people can also use road transport to travel around cities and towns. As this is not possible in air or train.
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Friday, 25 May 2012

What are the ways to retrieve my car after car shipping?

Most car shipping company will deliver your car to your home or your business place which means it is said to be door to door delivery or door to door transport.

Though these kind of delivery, may not work all the time. There are other options which will explain you how to retrieve your car if your car is not door delivered.

If your road is too thin, the HOA does not allow large trucks, or various other reasons. In that case you will be phoned by the driver of car carrier when he reaches your destination and you must have the same opinion to pick up your car from nearby parking lot.

If you cannot agenda a deliverance date for when you are at the final destination, then you will require having your means of transportation transported to a terminal.

A terminal is storage space ability for cars. Your car is transported to a terminal near your final destination and you can choose it up at your handiness. However, there is naturally a daily storage space charge. You be supposed to argue any terminal expenses with your car transport company.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Travelling Washington to New York by bus

People who live in U.S. or who come to visit U.S. are often found are often found very keen to visit New York. The New York is prominent place for its tours. There are different ways of reaching New York. You can go by bus from Washington to New York. To return, you can come by bus from New York to Washington. If you take a flight from DC to NY, it will not take enough time; however traveling by flight is quite expensive.

Whereas if you are traveling by bus to New York, it will hardly take five to six hours and the traveling cost is also very reasonable. You also have to pay $ 20 to travel the one side.  However, these rates can differ a little bit depending on your coach you are taking with you. You can find many BUS DC TO NY providers who provide bus services between DC to NY. There are many bus agencies which are running their services between these two places and providing the affordable services